Some changes...

We decided to go solar this year! I don't know why I didn't look into it sooner to be honest. We have such a great roofline for it, and since we are just leasing the panels, there's no cost to us. Even if we save only $15 each month off our electricity bill, I feel so happy that we are being green and helping the environment. Not mention who doesn't want an extra $15 in their pocket. That's a movie ticket every month!

The whole process was much smoother than I anticipated. I contacted a few of the larger solar companies in the area. I had one come for a consultation, it was so informative and  he answered all my questions. I took about 2 weeks to decide, and get any other questions that came up answered via email with the consultant. Then we pulled the trigger, signed some papers and went to the next phase.

The next step was having a team come out to inspect the roof and attic space, check all the vents and wires. It took about 5-6 hours. They took their report and filed for some permits with LADWP, and the city. And I didn't have to do a thing. Nor have I paid a single cent either. I don't actually pay for the panels until they hook it up to our power and they start working. 

If you are interested in seeing if you are eligible for solar panels, fyi not all roof types and roof lines make sense to go solar despite what some companies may tell you, let me know and I can let you know the name of our contact and the company he works for. He is really nice and he even checked in with me this morning to see if I had any questions while we wait for the city to approve the permits. 

Why did we lease instead of buy? 

If we were to buy solar panels, then we would be responsible for any damage that happens to the panels. Something falls out of the sky, a neighbor's pine cone? We'd have to fix it. Leasing means they fix all problems at no cost to us. It's not really like leasing a car where if something happens to the car you are still responsible.  

Another reason we didn't purchase is because we would've had to re appraise our house for property taxes. Solar panels make your home more valuable, so our property taxes would've increased most likely. 

And lastly, we would've had to also renegotiate our homeowners policy. Because solar panels are a huge investment to buy, and not cheap, homeowners insurance polciies make sure they are written into the agreement. And leasing means we don't own them as homeowners, so no changes to that. 

We are excited to take this step as a family, the kids are anticipating it as well. Even though we won't be able to see the panels since they are up so high, they know the reasons we are making the change, and as a family we are all a little proud. 

~This is not a sponsored post, just my personal thoughts . . .