Instagram Recap

I feel like I'm behind on these. Posting two weeks in one to catch up...


1.photo shoot at Annenberg Beach 2.editing said photo shoot 3.TMJ specialist confirm:I'm jacked 4.movie date with these nuts 5.physical therapy take one 6.hubby's new girlfriend is awfully pretty 7.NM treasures brought back from a friend 8.RISK 9.swooning 10.fun bookmarks to craft 11.south korean mail 12.waiting for brothers 13.homework woes 14.washi tape notebooks 15.roasting pumpkin seeds 16.Target sure rairse toothpaste prices ;) 17.important handball discussion 18.these two 19.toddler group with this guy 20.Skin by Deborah's Winter Newsletter 21.snowflake making afternoon 22.ella moss and splendid warehouse sale 23.snowflake mission complete 24.watching this guy make us dinner 25. <heart>