My date with Sawyer

This weekend I surprised Sawyer with a date, just the two of us. I realize more and more that my one on one time with each child is so important, and so scarce. I decided that I would make a concerted effort to take each child on a date to spend time with them. And just removing one child from the other two changes the whole dynamic at home. It's amazing how although none of my children are shy, when you get them alone, it's like they haven't talked in years. :)

I wouldn't tell him where we were going, and he didn't mind being surprised. In fact when we were walking down the street, he told me not to tell him, he would guess. And sure enough as we were crossing 4th street in Santa Monica he yelled "Color Me Mine we are going to Color Me Mine! Oh mama, I have been wanting to go here for so long!" I told him he could pick whatever piece he wanted and he made sure that I too was going to be painting something alongside him. Sweet boy. Part 2 of our date was also a surprise, in fact he didn't know there was a part 2 at all until I told him. His most favorite treat is a homemade frozen yogurt place in West LA called The Bigg Chill. And that's exactly where we headed afterwards.

Stay tuned for Greta's date this next weekend. She already knows that she's going to Color Me Mine, I prepared ahead of time for these two to go to the same place since they both are a little obsessed with painting pottery. But I think her part 2 will be a little different.