just us girls


Don't get me wrong, my daughter loves me, but she will gladly and happily announce that her favorite person is her father. And I kind of get it, he's my favorite person too. But lately she's been drawn more and more to me and I am not complaining. I love this girl.

I'm not sure why all of sudden she requests me to tuck her in, or only me to help her with homework. Like I said, no complaints here. She is quite independent, when it comes to clothing choices and style. She is not one that I can tell what to wear. But I do see her ever so slightly linger in my closet or give my outfit a double take on occasion. She has this burgeoning sense of style, one that makes me pretty excited to see what she comes down wearing each morning. Subtle, but shifting. She was pretty thrilled this week when a package finally was delivered that she's been waiting on. A carefully requested and chosen pair of Minnetonkas to match her mama. Hard to say no to that.