getting old and some instagram love

If you saw my calendar for this week you'd have thought I were an 85 year old woman. Seriously, it read acupuncture, periodontist, TMJ specialist, acupuncture, in the course of just 36 hours. I feel like I am falling apart from the nose down and the neck up. I take that back, my left shoulder is in terrible pain too. I don't joke. I can't lift my wrist to my ear without wincing. But that I attribute more to just a gnarly sleeping position than me getting old. 

Updates on the jaw. Went to one acupuncturist who wouldn't treat me. I know, really sad. I think my gum surgery scared her and the language barrier didn't help. When I said, "you don't understand, I CAN'T eat, I can't chew food, I need to eat, can you just take a look?" she replied with, "that's okay!" Not okay. But then a friend referred me to her acupuncturist and she was great and worked on the side of my face and jaw that is giving me trouble. I didn't get much relief, but I wasn't expecting much either from just one visit. Especially when I'm not even convinced my jaw is in the right socket. I kid you not I think it's been dislocated since last Thursday! She recommended I see a specialist. She said she'd treat me, but I have to get my jaw taken care of. By the second visit I thought I was cured! But I was prepared for it to be short lived, I had been warned acupuncture treats the problem while you get treated, but symptoms will return, and they did the next day. But hey, relief for one night was amazing. 

On to the periodontist who said my gums were healing beautiful, yay for that! And then told me I need to see a TMJ specialist. Yeah, I knew that. 

So next up was the TMJ specialist. He was recommended by my periodontist AND my orthodontist and he was great. He examined me for an entire hour and I told him my whole story for the last 8 years. He drew me pictures and diagrams to explain what has been happening on the inside of my jaw. Knowing is so much better than not knowing. I have two problems going on, muscle spasms and a disc that is disfigured and has been moved. I figured the disc part since anatomically my jaw looks funny when I open my mouth. It kind of goes to one side. The prescription is physical therapy and acupuncture for the next few months. I'm just glad he thinks that it'll get better. Apparently joints are good at healing themselves. Who knew? And he also said that he doesn't think I will have the problem of my jaw dislocating open anymore. He thinks my disc can't move that direction anymore. So there's that plus right?! Trying to see the positive...

 On to some photos since they always make me feel better. Follow along Instagram, @amharju

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