friday links

I'm going to sign off for the weekend and take a few days off from the blog next week. I had gum surgery earlier this week and it's put my TMJ through the ringer. So acupuncture it is and also time to schedule myself to finally see a jaw specialist. I distinctly remember the first time my jaw locked open. Sawyer was a baby and we were living with my parents while our house was being remodeled. Aaron and I had been in an argument and so my stress levels were quite high. I went to say something and BOOM! My jaw would not shut. Literally it was stuck wide open. Funny as that sounds, it's quite painful too. Most people who know me have even seen this happen, it has happened throughout the years quite often. Most memorable being the time at Hollywood Bowl with girlfriends, laughing loudly and mouth widely and sure enough, I had to endure my mouth stuck open until we got home. Aaron was shown by the doctor how to put my jaw back on hinge so he is often my night in shining armor. 

This week however my TMJ decided to throw me for a loop. I take it the gum surgery caused my jaw to have inflammation that it was not cool with the whole situation. So instead of locking open, it decided to lock shut. Yeah, try eating or drinking when your mouth won't open. Just as painful and uncomfortable as locking open. The worst part is Aaron was never shown how to put my jaw back when it's locked shut, he only knows how to do the reverse. This is a problem. Some Aleve, tears and a nap did the trick one time, but my jaw was locked shut for so many hours that it keeps slipping back. 

Long story short, I'm going to take some time to figure this out. A girl's gotta eat right?

Here's some links I'd love to share for this week:

I LOVE this video, it makes me smile. And it makes we want to go make something.

This tea lesson and recipe is awesome, totally up Aaron's alley. 

A reminder that I really need to take a sewing lesson, look at everything I could make!

We love owls in this house, how awesome a whole library of owl books!

There you have my links for the week. I hope everyone has a great weekend.