field tripping

I'm not sure how much longer Gunnar will enjoy me tagging along on his field trips, so I am savoring them while they last. The fifth grade went to the Griffith Observatory last week. And just a clue as to how much I love my kid, I had no choice but to ride the bus. I hate buses. I hate cars when I'm not driving, I hate planes, trains, boats. But I rode the bus despite my motion sickness. I tried to distract myself with a This American Life podcast and it half worked. Victory! 

We saw two shows while we were there, one in the planetarium that was awesome. And a cool one where they had some scientists do a lesson on comets and actually created one using ingredients that comets are made up of. Then they did a tour which included a lesson on telescopes and they had the kids look through a special telescope where you can look at the sun. We hadn't been to the Griffith Observatory since our time with the kids which was when Sawyer was in preschool. Oh they were so little then. 

News to me but Gunnar is quite knowledgeable when it comes to space and science. The tour guide would ask questions that made absolutely no sense to me, but Gunnar knew the answers. He doesn't get that from my side. :)


all photos taken with my iphone