girls only date

Last weekend was Greta's turn for our one on one date. There was a sneak peek in my Instagram recap, but Color Me Mine was our first stop. Decisions decisions decisions, figuring out what to paint was difficult for her to commit too, but ultimately she went with a mini tea set in pink with indigo polka dots. 

For part II she was very intent on getting a manicure and pedicure. Her toes and nails did not match, girl after my own heart. 

Last photo taken with my iphone. Next up is Gunnar's date with me and he has chosen a movie date, just the two of us. Part II shall remain a surprise. I've enjoyed these one on one dates so much that Aaron is going to have a turn at them with each kid next, and then hopefully it'll be my turn again. I'm hoping we can continue these, so at least Aaron or I am getting a solid afternoon with each of our kids once a month. Time is so fleeting and I hope each of my children remember when they are grown that they had an individual relationship with each of their parents along with a special bond with their siblings. I will try and document Aaron's dates with the kids as well. And please, if you have any fun suggestions for future dates let me know! Pedicures and movies will probably only go so far. :) They don't have to be elaborate, or expensive, just something that they will enjoy.