wishing it were fall

Wishing it actually felt like autumn in these parts of the world. I know it must sound so ridiculous to hear "I'm so sick of summer" "I'm done with the sunshine" "Give me sweater and boots weather". But it's all so so true. What I wouldn't give for a week of gloomy, wet, rainy weather. 

Some things we are doing in this house to make us believe it is indeed autumn:

~this beautiful autumn project/lesson, I cannot recommend it enough. added bonus, you get to find out why we call this season "fall".

~taking after dinner evening bike rides as a family throughout the neighborhood. we are enjoying the cooler evenings when the sun does go down. 

~baking pumpkin muffins. this afternoon I decided to ignore the heat of my stove and bake. no one complained, well maybe Aaron complained about the heat a little. but after he ate a muffin, he was quieted quickly. greta insisted on adding the little washi tape flags that she learned to do here.