books we've been reading

More like devouring over here. And once again I am reminded why the library is a better place for us than the book store. But how can you resist buying books?! The kids are almost halfway through their school's readathon program, so we kicked it off Monday after school with a trip to our favorite bookstore. 

Here's what we've all been enjoying lately...

Me- I am a few chapters into Animal Vegetable Miracle, can we please please please just move to a farm? These books do not help squelch my dreams of country living. 

Aaron- Two nights ago Aaron finished Steve Jobs, and he's a fan of the writer so he just started the writer's biography on Einstein: His Life and Universe

Sawyer- He just completed the second book in the How to Train Your Dragon series, did you know they have a book series? He also finished My Side of the Mountain last week. 

Gunnar- We are Lois Lowry fans in this house, and Gunnar just read Gathering Blue. He is also really into learning all about the Revolutionary Way, Jamestown, the start of the colonies, etc. So I knew when I saw Stowaway at the library he would be a fan, and I was right. He liked it so much he talked his 5th grade teacher into reading it too. 

Greta- Aaron reads to Greta before bed and they are just about finished with Little House on the Prairie, she is a bit obsessed with these books. Before that they read Little House in the Big Woods which is the start of the whole series. I haven't told her yet that there was a TV series, I'm waiting to surprise her with that because I think the girl may lose her mind with excitement when I tell her! Greta's reading has really taken off this year so she is thrilled to be able to read books to us now. We just brought Baseball Ballerina home and she's also been reading the Henry and Mudge series. 

Do you have any book recommendations for us? We are always searching for new and interesting things to read.