Homemade Apple Cider

This past weekend we ventured to Riley's Farm, it's become an annual tradition for our family. Much anticipated and carefully watched to make sure we time it just right to get our favorite apples. You can see previous trips to Riley's here, here, and here

We pressed homemade apple cider this trip. Let me tell you it takes a whole lot of apples to make a gallon of cider. In fact, one cup of undiluted cider is the equivalent of eating 15 apples! The kids were pretty excited about the whole thing, and they also learned that not much advancement as far as technology has been made in the cider making world. No matter how many machines you have to drop the apples in one by one by hand to get the right result. 

Choosing our apples was serious business let me tell you. We definitely didn't want it to taste like syrup so we carefully mixed in golden delicious to give it some tart flavor. We were only supposed to get about a gallon of cider, but we were apparently extremely efficient and had at least an extra half gallon pressed, which they let us take home without extra charge. Thanks Riley's, until next year!