Family Playdate O’ Fun

We were pretty excited for this family playdate that we have been planning for awhile. For Aaron and David to both have the same day off from work and neither family to have pre-arranged plans was like the planets aligning. It was our turn to travel down south since they came up here twice recently. We weren’t complaining, a WHOLE day spent together? I’d drive anywhere. We started off the day with lunch at a really good ramen place in Irvine, followed by miniature golf and go kart racing, arcade, korean market shopping, crafting, and cooking and eating dinner all together, throw in there a few girls dressed up in their wedding gowns and taking turns marrying their father, and some Wii Dance, and that’s a really good day. A wonderful day indeed. I only have photos from the first part of the day, after go kart racing I was too busy having fun and beating everyone (Alissa thought she was safe choosing to sit in my go kart, huh, she was surprised when we smoked everyone). I did Instagrams of the rest of our day which I shared in a separate post awhile back. It was a big day of firsts. Aaron and Greta have never been miniature golfing or go kart racing. I only have photos of the kiddies in their go karts, Jane was safely protecting my camera when it was the adults turn to ride.

No, that’s not Katy Perry, it’s Greta. <sigh>

The girls took their go kart racing very seriously.