-i wish i could fast forward a week until saturday is here. this happens to be one of those weeks. too busy, too many obligations, just overwhelming.

-i wish i could vent for real, but that’s what besties and sisters are for right?

-i wish i had a little less responsibility, it’s a lot to take care of 3 little ones and make sure they make it to all their appointments from eye dr to allergist to instrument to dance to ballet, all in the same week, in addition to making sure everyone gets their haircuts, brushing and flossing, eating properly, homework complete, school on time, picked up on time, library books in backpacks, field trip slips signed, sunscreen applied, PE shoes on days of PE class, soft foods only packed for the kid with orthodonture work, see? a lot some days.

-i wish people could just be kind. i don’t think it’s that hard to do, i am kind. i don’t understand sometimes.

-i wish insecurities did not get the best of people.

-i wish i was better at making lists. i think i would be less anxious knowing what i had to do and in what order.

and because of all these lovely little bullet points, i think i just told myself that i need to step away from this space for awhile.