weekly instagrams









































































































































































































1.they are getting longerrrr 2.lunch date with a sick kid 3.checking out baldwin hills for a potential middle school site 4.art volunteer time 5.2nd grade math 6.nightly ritual 7.looking svelte 8.walking to school 9.solo lunch date with my pellegrino 10.ballet 11.torture 12.quinoa and a green smoothie 13.1/4 of the day’s laundry load 14.comic book store 15.fraction machine 16.hawaii blurb book arrived 17.writing 18.working 19.field trip to louise’s 20.delish 21.school pickup 22.new uniforms 23.dinner 24.got my burn on 25.kids scored in clothes 26.lunch date with This American Life 27.friday cubby clean out yielded 5 water bottles and 2 sweaters 28.chillin in his cousin’s carseat 29.park time 30.swinging 31.modeling her new clothes 32.gorgeous mid century 33.view 34.she keeps me humble 35.new cut 36.trumpet practice 37.how we roll on a saturday night 38.10pm snack 39.flea market find