Hopefully I will come back to this space with good news Monday, waiting is hard isn’t it? I’m not the most patient person, so it kills me. I’m not a big optimist, no, I leave that to Aaron to take care of. I’m the realist and the pessimist.

For those of you who recently found this little blog of mine, welcome! Not sure how you stumbled upon it, but it’s awesome that you have all subscribed to it.

I’m jealous at the moment when I read my own blog feed of everyone at Alt Design Summit in Utah. Been wanting to go to that conference for years, and maybe just maybe I can make that happen next year. We will see, but how fun would a weekend spent in Park City, surrounded by panelists speaking and teaching on my most favorite subjects, photography, business, crafting, sewing, and blogging. Pure joy. One can dream. That’s optimistic right? Right?!

I will be spending my afternoon teaching a Louise Nevelson art history lesson to a bunch of 7 year olds followed by a discussion on Collaboration and Ancestry for our upcoming art show at the kids’ school. We have big plans for this 2nd grade class. But I can’t help but panic at the thought of still coming up with equally amazing plans for my other 2 kids’ classes. I’ve been enjoying a few days of unexpected time with Aaron, it’s a bit strange having a sidekick again during my days when the kids are gone. But it’s pretty nice to have someone to share the chores with, have lunch dates, and schedule work for myself whatever time I want. Fingers crossed though that this is short lived.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend enjoying the snow if you received some, and the rain if it comes, or the cold that has returned to Southern California. I will be working tomorrow and hopefully get to start this phenomenon you all are raving about called Downton Abbey, mixed in with some downtime with the family. Be back with an Instagram post in a few days.