Vacation Movie

I finally sifted through all our footage of Mammoth, and got some shots from our friends to supplement my phone pics, so if it looks like it was taken without an iPhone, and you haven’t seen it posted on the blog before, I didn’t take the photo. Thank goodness someone documented it, or else the entire video would be instagrams. I tried to compile the video where there’s a photo of the kid before they ski or snowboard. Greta is easy to pick out because she’s in the polka dot jacket and on skis, but the boys are both snowboarding. You can tell it’s Sawyer because he is snowboarding in class, and the video of Gunnar snowboarding is with us. If it’s someone who is snowboarding very fast and looks like he could possibly incur injury, then that’s Aaron. I love the music for this video. In case you are wondering it’s Avalanche City, 'Love Love Love', and Mat Kearney, 'Hey Mama'.