I warned you I didn’t take many photos. And I meant it. Here’s the ones I took. That’s it. Hopefully as soon as I see the photos from our friends’ camera I can have a little more variety to share with you all. But for now, enjoy the brief post. ;)

All set and ready to rock this road trip. On the way up Aaron introduced the kids to Napoleon Dynamite and then we listened to a few RadioLab podcasts. The kids loved them and I’m afraid we just created a new NPR junkie named Gunnar.

Red Rock Canyon. No matter how many times we drive through it, it always takes our breath away.

This next one was taken just a few minutes before I got pulled over for speeding. :( I really hate those little towns, Lone Pine, Big Pine, you go from a 65 speed limit, down to 45, 35, and sometimes 25, in a few seconds, then you may go back up to 35, and sometimes back down to 25, before boom it’s 65 again. Anyways, the cop was super nice and I asked him what the matter was, he said I was going 40 in a 25, I honestly thought it was 35, and I told him. I told him I have tried to keep it straight but the switch between all the signs is confusing. He agreed with me and told me to hand over my license. :( I looked at Aaron and wanted to cry. I mean if I’m going to get a speeding ticket, give me one on the highway where I’m going 85, not in this dinky town. After a few minutes he walked back to the car, handed me my license and told me to drive safe and enjoy our trip. He let me go!!! Love these dinky town cops. :)

After ski/snowboard school snacks.

I brought puzzles and crafts for the kids to do in the early evening, late afternoons, when I knew we’d be either conked out on the couch or trying to get dinner ready.

Heading home.