Our Week In Instagrams

































































































































1.after 3 fun weeks of winter break, the backpacks came out again 2.my mode of transportation for a few days, my feet 3.library volunteer 4.new fun blog/business cards 5.she finally outgrew some 4T clothes 6.found this eucalyptus she snipped from my dining room arrangement sitting in my good crystal on her window sill 7.my very appropriate reading material for the long wait at the post office 8.lady in black 9.aaron’s sprained ankle from snowboarding 10.school clothes 11.car detailing in prep for selling 12.making videos 13.business taxes complete, now on to personal taxes 14.yummy dinner of rainbow pasta, chicken sausage and fresh broccoli 15.vintage floral 16.picking out school clothes the night before 17.and wearing them 18.he’s pretty proud to be compost captain this week at school 19.torture 20.lunch with my grandparents 21.preparing my favorite black bean salsa 22.homemade pizza night 23.with toppings 24.somebody is a fan 25.the game of life 26.my pirate/fishing boots 27.a very empty keychain after selling our yukon 28.more yummy black bean salsa 29.fondue present(thanks peter and heather!) 30.new keys to replace old ones 31.more torture 32.snacks for golden globe watching