target run

I limit myself to going to Target once month, for the sheer reason that it’s impossible to spend less than $150 at one time there. So I figure if I only go once, I know for sure what I will spend. That is until I decide to take my entire family with me to Target. Yeah, we didn’t come in on budget, but we did get a lot of fun new stuff. And we kind of needed a back to school trip just for fun. The kids were bummed about school starting again. In fact, I overheard the boys one night talking to each other and the conversation went something like this:

Boy 1: I don’t want to go back to school.

Boy 2: Me neither.

Boy 1: You know what would be so cool?!

Boy 2: What? If Armageddon came when we were on winter break!!!

Yeah, see the less than ecstatic state my boys were in to return to school? Anyways, here’s our loot from our recent Target shopping trip, I will spare you the toothpaste, floss, cleaners, detergent, toilet paper items and just get to the fun stuff.

let’s start with Greta since she made out like a bandit. lalaloopsy dolls have taken over my entire house. so it’s only fitting to get them a house of their own, since the treehouse just wasn’t big enough for all of them.

She also got these two hoodies from the Harajuku Mini line.

Sawyer was intent on getting a lego set from their new dino line. He decided on this one.

and this one

Gunnar was intent on this lego set, but after 2 targets and one toys r us visit, we realized we had to order it online.

We also picked up this game the week before. We love the vintage wood editions.

And then this trip we picked up this one. The kids played in Mammoth with the iPad version nonstop, but we all know my weakness for the vintage wooden board game.

I found some cute stuff myself. I love my J Brand skinny jeans in a multitude of colors. But for wearing to the kids school, or just in case I may be messy or on a photo shoot, I picked up this cheap pair of colored pants. They are out of stock online, and come in a half dozen colors, so if you find them at your local target, stock up! And if you come across the purple pair or the green in a size 3, I’ll pay you back. ;)

I plan on alternating these two cardigans with my plethora of colored skinnys.

Aaron was pretty stoked the day before that his Apple Nano had come while we were away. We owned a first generation iPod that somehow we still stored in our desk drawer. We received a notice a few weeks ago that they had recalled the first generations and that we would be sent a replacement. So he was pretty happy that he received the stainless steel one. And instead of 1G, they sent him an 8G.

When he got that notice his wheels were turning, and sure enough on our recent Target run he found what he was looking for. The wristband is pretty cool, and the nano has about a half dozen choices for a watch face.

There you have our Target run. And now you see the reason I normally do not take my family with me, but go alone. And also why I limit myself to once a month visits. Happy Target visits everyone! I actually have to go back there tomorrow, calm it down people, only to do a return. But I will check if they’ve restocked those pants fo’ sho. Also, I’ve been on the lookout for a Mrs. Meyers bar of soap, not the liquid pump style. Any idea where they sell the bars? It’s for a future DIY project.

Aren’t you proud I’ve been back to posting regularly? Phew. That was quite a break for me. So much to share. Oh, and did I mention we are car shopping too. Oy vey. Haven’t done this in 10 years. The last time we got a car I was preggo with Gunnar. But for the first time in our lives we decided on leasing instead of buying. After talking with a ton of people we have decided on the Honda Pilot. Now if only I could schedule my car detail around the exact day I will sell my car the world will be right again. You see, detailing my car and then having 3-6 little people in the car at any given moment kind of undoes the whole detailing effect. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.