Craft Day Coaster DIY

I have a fun DIY project to share today. Pinterest is seriously amazing, very inspiring. And that’s where this one came from. Since we were at Home Depot last weekend picking up supplies for another house project I decided to buy some 0.19 cent white tiles for my coaster project. I bought 8 of them. I have been using the same leaf coasters for awhile now and I thought a change would be good. Aaron and I drink tea nightly and so we use coasters every single day. Next up was finding some fun scrapbook paper. At Michael’s a few days later I picked up 2 sheets that were about a dollar total and a container of Mod Podge glossy lustre for around 8 dollars. I bought little cushions at Bed Bath and Beyond that came several dozen in a pack for $5. You’ll also need a paintbrush, any size I think will do, the larger the quicker the project gets done.

As the kids were in the backyard doing some crafts of their own that we picked up at Michael’s I decided to try to make a coaster. First I laid out all my supplies that I would need. Then I traced the tile onto the back of one of the scrapbook papers and cut out the square.

I’ve never used Mod Podge before and I didn’t read a tutorial before attempting this so I just put a thin layer on the tile, laid the scrapbook paper on top and then put another layer of mod podge over the paper. I did 4 like this and then came back to the first and did a second coat and then a third coat after each coat dried.

Next I stuck 4 little feet on the corners.

And they look great. In fact, about an hour after I finished my sister came in and noticed them on the table and said, “where’d you buy these? I need new coasters."