book post

My nightstand has a stack of books so high it makes me smile at the moment. All the kids and myself have been in a reading frenzy the last few weeks and we love it. Back to school kind of does that to us, along with the fact that our new routine is kids in bed at 7pm, lights out at 7:30pm. It gives them a full half hour of quiet reading time.

Sawyer has been reading the A-Z Mystery books, one a day. So I check out 7-10 at the library and that only lasts us about a week. He also discovered the Calendar Mystery books. They are both a little young for his reading skill if you ask me, but he just loves to complete a whole book in an afternoon or evening. So I don’t complain. Reading is reading.

Gunnar finished the Hunger Games trilogy, in about a week. I have to say it was a bit odd to have my kid read books that I love. But it was pretty fun to discuss and now we talk about the movie and who they casted and our thoughts on it. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them for a normal 4th grader, but Gunnar is such a sophisticated reader that I allowed it. Well, I allowed it after he snuck The Hunger Games to school and started it before asking me. I was going to let him read it when he turns 10 this winter, but it didn’t happen.

Greta is reading better and better these days. In fact at dinner this evening I played tic tac toe with her and all over her menu she had to write “mom lost” “greta wins”. All by herself she is sounding things out and spelling them.

I finished a few weeks ago Cutting for Stone. Excellent book, very powerful. If you are looking for a deeper book, and one that is meaty and has a story that takes place over years, I recommend it. It takes place in Ethiopia and is just a beautiful story that has everything from sadness, to laughter to pain. So be prepared.

A client of mine loaned me NurtureShock, which I cannot put down at the moment (thanks Rachel!). Seriously, so fascinating. If you are a fan of Malcolm Gladwell, or read Outliers, or enjoy books like that which take a methodology or idea that is prevalent and then picks it apart and dissects it and then blows your mind with the reality of it, this is your book. And I love that it touches on all different subjects, but always having to do with children. So if you’re a parent, read this book. I was especially fascinated with the chapter on obesity and sleep and IQs. Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a stickler when it comes to my kids bedtimes. Even on the weekends, even during summer. And this gave me a little bit of justification as to why I shouldn’t let that slide. Yay for early bedtimes.

If you have any recommendations please leave me a comment with what they are. I’ll let you know that my nightstand at the moment consists of Room, To Kill a Mockingbird, and 2 others that I just cannot remember but are also from our book swap. I cannot wait to devour them!

Happy reading.