Camping 2011

Over Labor Day we enjoyed our third annual camping trip up to Palomar Mountains in Northern San Diego. It’s just beautiful there and this trip was no exception. We had 25 total, 13 kids and 12 adults, our largest group yet. The kids had a blast. We relaxed, we ate, we cooked, we chopped wood, we played, we hiked, we read. It rained our last night and that was glorious. Sleeping in a tent listening to the rain, pretty hard to beat that. It stopped raining so we could enjoy breakfast and pack up and then as we headed out it started to pour. I couldn’t help but wish we were still at camp and had no choice but to retreat to our tents for naps and reading time. Can’t wait until next time.

One of our favorite things is a little hike/walk to a small watering hole/creek. It’s a shady walk a little over a mile each way, and when you get to the creek the cold water is refreshing. We pack snacks and then eat at the creek before we head back. I love our little camping traditions and I hope the kids look forward to this camping trip each and every year for many years to come. At night we cook smores and the kids sing camp songs. We played with glow sticks and then it’s off to bed. The adults played with a little contraband of their own. But you’ll have to wait for the photos for that. For now enjoy a little video I put together of our weekend to remind us of the good times. Last year’s video you can watch here. I can’t get over how much bigger ours kids are in one year. However I believe all of Greta’s clothes still fit her, so maybe she’s not getting so much bigger.nFor this video, I used a combination of my Zumi and the Super 8 app.