lemon ice cubes

Two pool parties in two days. Not gonna lie, loving summertime. The kids are in swimming heaven and I counted that they have gone swimming for the past 9 straight days, and have 5 more days ahead of them of swim lessons. They are going to grow gills any moment. Wait til you see Greta, she is a little bottom feeder who dives down and swims along the bottom of the pool looking for rings. She can hold her breath for as long as her brothers can and is quite proud. More photos and videos to come of that.

Last week I threw a little book swap party, and I had a whole slew of inspiration from Pinterest to work with. One of the ideas which was brilliant and so simple. Sliced lemons in muffin tins with water, freeze. Frozen lemon ice cubes. They melt slowly because of their size and flavor the water nicely. And they are pretty to look at to boot! More photos and book swap party details coming this week. I just have to wash every towel we own now so that we can swim once again tomorrow.