Ojai July 2011

We enjoyed a little weekend away this past weekend, and although I haven’t finished sharing the Kauai photos, I thought this little video would be fun. I am keeping with my one movie per vacation promise and trying to document our little adventures. The video for Hawaii is much more daunting and I feel much better about accomplishing smaller tasks like this until I have enough time to devote to the bigger projects. You with me on that? Being able to cross off a little check, no matter how great or small, is still a check. We swam, slept in (thanks to an adjoining room with my mom, the kids don’t even bother to check if Aaron and I are awake, they head straight to her which meant we didn’t roll out of bed til 8:30 every day), picked apples, plums and tomatoes, and watched a movie by the pool with popcorn and blankets.

Enjoy! Because we sure did...(for those reading in Reader, you’ll have to click on the post to see the video)