Gift bags

Greta and I had a lot of fun putting together these little favors for the girls. I also used them as place settings for the tea table. The theme of the party was Alice in Wonderland and we ended up after illness and scheduling conflicts with 6 little girls (7 including Greta). Which was a nice number because I could really make each little setting something special. Here is what was in the little gift pails with links after the photo.

The pails were from Target, and the following items can be found at :

chinese toy- Party City or your local party store

deck of playing cards- Oriental Trading Company 

Alice in Wonderland book- Scholastic Book Store

Bubbles- Target

Polka Dot straw- Etsy

Twig Crayons- Acme Party Box

Rock Candy and Bubble Gum- Party City

Lipstick Lollipop- Bake it Pretty

Eat Me tag- Bake it Pretty