summer art & mom bucks

We do something around here often referred to as Mom Bucks. If you are a ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ fan or your kid is, you’ll know what that means.

It basically replaces allowance, is not real money, but mom money. Therefore, mom bucks. My kids earn mom bucks in a bunch of different ways. For instance, making your bed, taking out the trash, doing exceptionally well during swim lessons, being extraordinarily kind to your sibling, clearing the dinner table, sometimes even finding mama’s iPhone could earn you a mom buck.

They are in 3 increments, $1, $2, and $5. You cannot trade them for cash, but you can choose to use them to purchase Legos, books, etc. You can also use them for things money cannot buy. Such as picking the movie during family movie night. Or trading in $12 mom bucks for a trip to the arcade, $10 mom bucks for a trip to Michael’s where you pick out a craft of your choosing. I am a little afraid at the moment because Sawyer is hoarding his mom bucks and won’t spend them, I am afraid he is nearing the $50 mark and I’m scared of what he will want to cash them in for.

One such ‘mom buck’ adventure took us to Lakeshore. Greta had brought all her mom bucks and was determined to spend them. I was pretty thrilled when she picked out the Ed Emberley Funprint Drawing Book. We also got the finger stamp pad that goes along with it.

The kids have had a blast this summer pulling it out and making the funnest finger drawings.