Preschool Graduation for my Grets

She did it. She graduated despite my many pleadings for her to stay right where she was. It was a Sunday morning and it was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen. Each child has been working on this life size self portrait and I hadn’t seen Greta’s at all. It was kept under lock and key until the graduation. Once we got there they were all hung up, all of the graduates, with little chairs in front. All three preschool years participated in singing songs with the graduating class. It was really sweet to see the 3 year olds sing “The Ants Go Marching” as Greta’s class marched onto stage. Once they were dismissed from the stage then the 4 year old class sang with them. Until finally it was just Greta and her classmates left. They sang You’ve Got a Friend in Me, and then This Little Light of Mine. For the last song the entire audience of parents, grandparents, all joined it. Then they patiently waited for their name to be called to receive their diploma.

She is the peanut of the class, and I’m sure that won’t be changing in Kindergarten either.

Here come the ants.

I’m Gonna Let It Shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine...

The director said something about every child when they were called up for their diploma. You didn’t know which child she was talking about until she finished, but I could guess when it was Greta’s turn. She spoke of how throughout the year she found her courage and her confidence. When starting this school she would get very timid and withdrawn if something unkind was done or said by another child. And slowly throughout the year she found her courage to speak up. Not that she has any problem at home when it comes to speaking up! But school is a whole other story for her.

So proud of you my love!