This past week has been busy with Greta’s last week of preschool sniff sniff. Last Sunday she graduated and then each day this week was kid’s choice. Monday was PJ day, Tuesday share day, etc. She was pretty sad on Friday that she was finished but we promised her we would return to visit her teachers she loves so much. We do preschool graduation big in this house and that’s what we did Saturday. I will do a separate post for her graduation day and one for her party this week.

Planning a tea party for little girls took more work than I think planning my entire wedding. I slept til almost 9am this morning. And I’m still tired. But she loved it and I hope she remembers it forever. I’m thinking her memories at 5 may be one of her earliest memories, and I hope this day was one of them.

My garden is peaking with tomatoes and we enjoy them nightly. The most delicious thing in the world is home grown tomatoes, still warm from the sun before they were picked.

We spent the day with my dad’s side of the family which is always nice. We don’t live far away but it seems we don’t see each other enough.

I haven’t updated my iPhone in awhile so I’m posting a few photos from it to catch up. I’ll work backwards. Two weeks ago I took the kids to another pool party and it was amazing. It’s annual, but this is the first year I got to go since I didn’t have to work. They had craft tables set up, tons of pool toys, a dress up table with masks and boas, a t-shirt crafting table, a stuffed animal section where you got to choose your own one to take home. They also had a DJ and served a delicious lunch and dessert. I think a few were a little nervous when they saw I wasn’t going to get in the pool for awhile, that is until they saw Greta swim. That girl, mermaid genes for sure.


This week she got to enjoy a graduation party for all the graduates at a place called Scooter’s Jungle, I want to say it’s in El Segundo or Hawthorne. I’ve never been to one of those bounce house places. The kids were in heaven. I could not keep up with her, thus the completely blurry shots.

I didn’t grab a photo but they had zip lines for the kids. They swing off a ledge and go zip lining into a bounce house wall, and if they let go beforehand, no worries, bouncy floor.


Indeed it has a been a full and fun week. The boys have their final week of camp starting tomorrow. And this week is all about me and my girl. We have a special lunch planned with Nanni and Tati, a whole lot of loving on Romeo planned, pedicures, and maybe we will squeeze in a movie and high tea. Then it’s the boys turn the following week. I am sad to think that in two and a half short weeks they are all off to school. sniff sniff