Kauai Day seven

Ziplining Day. This. Was. Awesome. We knew we wanted to zipline while in Kauai, and that was one of the first things we scheduled when we got to the island. I checked out a few websites of local places, and I chose one completely on how well I liked their website. Forget the reviews and location, I went for pure design and style. And I have to say it totally worked out. We chose to do a 3.5 hour excursion. Greta and Romeo sat this one out with my parents, and the boys came with us and my sister and brother in law.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these guys for zip lining. In fact, if the kids were a little older, or we were staying a little longer Aaron and myself and Jessica and Carl would have signed up for the 8 hour kayak, hike, and zipline tour with them. It was unbelievable. They lease private land from a family and so it is secluded and beautiful, and you can’t see this part of the island without them because of it being private. Not to mention, if you ask for Eric, you won’t be disappointed. He was kind of hot, and we had to keep fanning my sister throughout the whole morning. :)

I’m trying to figure out how to put this harness on, and I just couldn’t visualize it.

That is Eric doing our safety briefing. Sawyer was the very first person to volunteer which I was not expecting in the least. So off he went first.

We did this line twice. The second time they insist you do it backwards.

Gunnar preferred to see where he was jumping.

Next up was propelling down over a waterfall. You have to feed your rope with one hand from behind you and go down backwards. It was beautiful and awesome. But before that I had to check in with my mom that everyone was still alive and well.

The last zip line we did twice. Same thing, forward once and backwards second. It was over water and just was amazing. They encouraged you to hang upside down as well, which we did.

Here’s the boys going across together.

And anxious to climb back up and do it again.

Here’s Aaron and I, I’m on the left, he’s on the right.

After zip lining we came back to the house and hit the beach for the afternoon.

Then we showered and cleaned up for dinner.

For dinner we ate at Casa Blanca which was wonderful. One of my favorite meals, beautiful setting.

They had a band playing and Sawyer made fast friends with the base player. Sawyer found out he owned a boat and arranged that he would throw his letter in a bottle out at sea. Love this kid. Here he is with the base player and his letter and bottle.

Aaron claims that this zip lining experience was probably the best documented trip of all time. Possibly. But how can I not snap away at what we got to experience!? If you can believe I have only one final day to share with all of you. On the 9th day we were busy packing and getting to the airport, so Day 8 is all that is left. I’ve loved splitting this trip up by day. It’s let me hold on to the vacation a little longer.