Kauai Day Six

This day I didn’t use my real camera, but had to settle for iPhone photos. We went on this amazing adventure early Wednesday morning. I made the mistake of not booking this part until we were actually in Kauai, so all they had available to take us was a 7am tour. But being we woke up daily around 6am, it wasn’t too bad. Somehow we managed to talk my parents into coming along. I think they secretly loved it. We sure did. There is only one company on the whole island that offers this. It is tubing in an old sugar plantation down the canals and in caves and tunnels. Greta was just old enough to come, but Romeo and my sister had to sit this one out.

They start by getting you all geared up at their warehouse with hard hats, water shoes, life vests for the little ones, headlamps, etc. Then they take you in an army type vehicle down a very dirt road that leads to a paved road with a beautiful view then down you climb to your the destination. They give you a brief safety demo, and along with several guides you are assigned a tube and get pushed down the canal. The rapids were great, in fact it was really really fun. I was a little concerned with Sawyer and Greta, but they were at the front of the group with the guide who never let them out of his sight. In several canals it is pitch black and all you have are your headlamps for light. In one particular very long cave, about 5 minutes long, they encourage you to turn off your lamps and enjoy the dark and the acoustics. It was pretty fun. Especially when you hit a rapid and go flying into the wall and then bounce off and hit the other side before ramming into the unsuspecting person in front of you. :)

Once you finish all the caves you end up at a beautiful creek with picnic benches where they serve you lunch and drinks. Then you can change and head back in the vehicles back to the warehouse. I highly recommend this trip if you are heading to Kauai! I can’t remember where we ate dinner this night, but I assure you we ate fish of some kind.

Here is a view of the wettest spot on the entire earth.