Green Lantern Premiere

Finally uploaded my iphone pics from the movie premiere. Let me just say, this is not something that will probably ever be repeated in my life so I was definitely going to document it. I held myself back from bringing my big camera and decided my iphone would have to due. And that alone probably embarrassed Aaron a bit. But I was not going to miss taking some photos of our experience.

We met my girlfriend and her husband and a bunch of people I have no clue who are, at The Roosevelt Hotel for drinks before the premiere. It’s walking distance to the theatre so it was a good meeting place. The hotel is gorgeous. This was my first time there and it was beautiful. See, we Angelenos don’t always party like they do on The Hills. I still have “firsts” in this city. :)

Next we started walking over to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. They had Hollywood Blvd. blockaded and the stars were just beginning to walk the carpet. Since we were dressed up they just let you walk on by. They assume you are going to the premiere so they let you pass behind all the press. As we walked to the theatre we passed by these guys on the carpet.

As we were waiting for our tickets at will call I got to snap the above photos of everyone schmoozing. Jake Gylenhaal was too fast for me to take a photo. He scooted on by right behind me and I couldn’t turn and gawk and hold my phone all simultaneously!

Next we headed into the theater. I have never seen a movie at this theatre so it was pretty cool to be in the most classic, Hollywood theatre. Along with the free drinks and popcorn! I ran to use the bathroom before the show started and was touching up  my lipstick when I turned to my left to stare a little at the amazing body of the woman next to me when I realized it was Karena(sp?) from Dancing with the Stars.

Right after the movie we snapped this photo. We had to wait for our group to walk over to the after party so as we were hanging around. We ran into to this lady.

Hollywood Blvd. was still roped off because all the fans were waiting for everyone to come out of the theatre. After awhile we finally walked down the Blvd to the after party. They had green smoke down the street and it was pretty cool. Aaron is somewhere in this group of guys.

At the after party they had the coolest setup. They recreated the set from the movie so there were neat props and things all over mixed among the buffet tables, bars, DJ, seating areas.

Here’s the entrance into the party. It was really dark, sorry for the iphone pic quality!

Aaron enjoying the reserved seating section and  us trying to act like we belonged. Well, not really, my phone was out the entire time snapping photos. But come on, wouldn’t you?!

As we were enjoying some appetizers, this guy came up to talk to my girlfriend’s hubby.

Then I turned to my right to see who was in the section next to us.

Friends, internet, blog readers, I have to admit some disappointing news. All I wanted on this evening was a photo with Ryan Reynolds..., and I chickened out. Near the beginning of the after party I spotted him and then spotted my friend’s husband talking to him, I told myself now is your chance! I walk slowly over. I am about 5 feet away. .......... We make eye contact. ................ And then I turn and walk away. I couldn’t do it! I don’t know if it was a combination of not wanting to embarrass the people we were with or the fear of rejection when I ask to take the photo. But I couldn’t do it! Shameful. I know. But I attempted. I attempted.

Definitely a night that we will remember.

Edited: added this photo, my girlfriend just texted me it from the premiere. I know it appears that we are clothesless, but I assure you we are not. :)