Zimmer Museum field trip

We are in the throes of summer-dom over here. Swimming everyday, sleeping in, fun adventures. I prepared this post last week knowing that I would not want to sit down at the computer while my kids fill up water balloons and are searching for their goggles.

A few weeks ago Greta’s preschool had a field trip to the Zimmer Children’s Museum. We had never been and so I tagged along. The kids had a ball, there are 2 levels they get to roam and enjoy and explore. Very hands on, which you would expect for a children’s museum. I’ll warn you that the security to get in is no joke. Security detail everywhere from pulling in the parking lot to x-raying your bag. It’s in the same building as the Jewish Federation so they keep a tight ship. They had a little breakroom where our preschool set up the kids’ snack during break time. We spent a lovely morning here and would highly recommend it. Here’s a few photos snapped with my iphone.

They had a whole dress up area and stage set up with cameras and tvs so the kids could see themselves on stage.