Greta’s Tap Recital

Greta lives for this ONE day, really 2 days all. year. long. It’s two days because there is a dress rehearsal and then the actual show. It is as if she has died and gone to heaven. It cracks me up because I was not this type of girl growing up, however I love watching her. She lives to wear the blush, lipstick, and mascara. If she were allowed I believe she would be one of those girls on Toddlers and Tiaras.

Her little recital outfit was perfect. Both years we have been very fortunate to get really sweet, and pink outfits. So it pleases me and her. We made sure to get front row seats this year since last year I wasn’t completely convinced she was going to go through with the whole thing. She did, and so this year I had no doubt we wanted her to be able to see us when she was up there. Hold on people, there’s a lot of photos ahead. At the end, I posted a link with the video. For some reason I thought I had posted the video from last years, but realized it was one of those things that slipped the cracks. So instead, I did one video with last year’s and this year’s recitals on it. The first half is when she had just turned 4, and the last half is from a few weeks ago, days after turning 5. Looking so grown up. sniff sniff. If you read this on a feed, like usual, to see the video you probably have to click on the post itself.

Her brothers were honestly champs. They really enjoying watching her and all the performances. I think they were paying her back for all the years she has sat through their spring and winter concert performances at school.

And the whole family. Romeo loved it too. Couldn’t keep his eyes off the stage. I have a cute iphone photo I will have to post one day of him during the show.

Nanni was a very proud grandma. Here she is giving Greta a charm bracelet after the performance.

After the show showing off her bracelet.

With her biggest fan. We went out to a great restaurant to celebrate Greta’s special day. Pasta, bread, gelato. What more could she ask for!

And just in case you didn’t get enough and want to watch the video. Here are the last two recital performances for my sweet girl.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/25892726]