Kauai day three

Sunday morning Aaron and I decided to take the kids on a hike through Waimea Canyon. We couldn’t remember, but we doubt we made it over to the west coast of the island on our honeymoon. I had been researching hikes that were kid friendly for the last few days and thought we found a great one where we could also experience the Little Grand Canyon, as they call it in Hawaii.

It took about 45 minutes from Poipu to get to our trail. Our kids are pretty good hikers, and can handle a good 1-2 mile hike. The hike that we did initially, which was the one recommended, was way too short and easy. 25 minutes later we were searching the trails for a better one. And we found it. A whole lot more challenging but the sights were beautiful.

The nature loop was the very easy trail that you probably could’ve brought a jogging stroller on. The Kukui Trail was what we did afterwards and it’s 2.5 miles straight down. Which is why we didn’t complete it. I mean it’s down the entire way which means it is straight UP the entire way back.

Yes, we have matching sunglasses. It’s become tradition before a big vacation for one of us to purchase new sunglasses, or on vacation purchase a pair. In May Aaron got his pair on our Palm Springs weekend, so this time it was my turn.

I know this photo looks like their bodies are transposed and placed in front of a postcard, but I assure you they are not.

You can see why it’s called the Little Grand Canyon, but it’s lush and green. Just breathtaking.

I try not to give my mom too many details of our hikes because it just makes her nervous. For this one we just told her it was narrow. As you can see in this photo the trail was just a little bit wider the width of Gunnar sideways. And very steep. Mama, just skip these photos and save yourself a few heart palpitations.

We hiked down about three quarters of a mile and then we stopped in some shade to refuel on power bars and water. We decided we better turn around and climb the trail back up because we knew it would take some time. This little one had her legs give up on her pretty quickly. I can’t blame her, it was hilly and tough and if my legs were that tiny I’d make my mama carry me too.

Right in the center between the two large crests you can see a waterfall.

I was determined to find water and let the kids cool off a bit before we headed home. We found this spring coming out of the lava rocks and let the kids dip their toes in.

We found out later that this red clay stains pretty well, but it was well worth the experience.

We joined everyone else for a late lunch back in Poipu. It’s amazing how much you miss this little guy after being around him around the clock.

Back at the house Gunnar did a little lizard catching.

Played in the pool for the afternoon and did some games.

We dressed for dinner and headed for some amazing seafood at Merriman’s. Probably my favorite meal of the entire trip.

I found this photo of our very first family trip to Hawaii, and then you can see the latest updated one of how our family has grown.