Garden News

Our little onions popped up above the ground and we can’t wait to use them. Here’s Greta holding them up just after picking.

If you can look through the chicken wire that successfully is keeping the cats away, you can see our radishes just out of the ground.

These roma tomatoes are a gift from our compost piles. Last year we must’ve thrown away some tomato seeds and they survived and decided to sprout up in one of the big planters. We aren’t complaining.

Another gift of the compost pile? These squash. Not sure when we ate squash, but apparently they are quite hardy and liked our garden and decided to make it home.

Our cherry tomatoes are amazing. Every day we get to pick tomatoes and more keep popping up everywhere.

And here’s out little harvest for the day. Green beans, carrots, onions, and tomatoes, both heirloom and cherry.