kauai day one

I figure the easiest way to share our trip with you is to do it day by day. It will also help me keep track of when and where we did stuff. Because when I’m on vacation it all blends together and I never know what day it is. The joys of vacationing. So this is the day we arrived. We took a United flight way too early in the morning if you ask me. There was too much drama when it came to our airline seating situation so I left it up to Aaron to deal with. Or else we both knew it was going to get ugly and someone would start to cry and that someone most likely wouldn’t have been me. :)

You see, five and a half years ago we travelled to Hawaii, I was 7 months pregnant, Sawyer was 19 months old, and Gunnar was 4. We decided to buy Sawyer his own airplane seat since I was so large and uncomfortable, the idea of having an almost two year old on my lap for almost 6 hours was not happening. Do you want to know where they put my 19 month old? In a seat all by himself 7 rows up. And Hawaii mostly is couples and families, so no one wanted to swap seats. So what happened, his seat sat empty, the money to buy the seat was wasted, and I had a 19 month old on my lap for almost 6 hours. You can see why I have no faith in airlines now right?

We traveled with my sister and brother in law and the little bean, so we had 7 seats, in 7 separate rows! We managed to get 2 seats together that morning and then last minute at the gate Aaron managed to talk the attendant into two emergency seats together. Which of course we couldn’t use because children aren’t allowed in those rows. But they were bargaining tools we needed to use. Once we boarded we found Greta’s seat was between an older couple, right smack in the middle. So we used those bargaining tools and I asked the couple, “excuse me, you can have my 5 year old sit between you two, or you can take these lovely emergency row seats together”. You have never seen an old couple get up so fast. Now we had 3 seats together and Aaron and I were separate. A nice guy swapped with Aaron so he was across the aisle from the kids and I was behind them. It really doesn’t matter where you stick me since I take my little pill and go to sleep. I get terrible air sickness so everyone would much rather me be asleep than puking my brains out.

We landed, everything was good. No luggage lost. And we headed to the house in Poipu. Aaron and I haven’t been back to the island of Kauai since our honeymoon. Coming back 11 years later, with 3 kids, was crazy different than our last experience. I believe the last half of our first visit was spent eating at Taco Bell since we ran out of money.

We met my parents who had just traveled down from Princeville, and walked in and saw our view was this.

We unloaded our luggage and drove into Old Town Koloa for some lunch. Aaron and I ate here years ago and remembered they had the best ice cream on the island. Of course my kids didn’t take my ice cream recommendation and instead went for shaved ice.

Then we went back to the house and took in the sights while the kids dived straight into the pool.

You better believe we took every moment to bond and spoil this little guy. Everyone all in one house? At one dinner table? Waking up to the same ocean sounds? Enjoying the same family worship? Paradise indeed if you ask my kids.

Since we were all staying in a house we were able to prepare a few meals at home. This night was our first meal in since we knew the kids would barely make it to a decent hour. According to Hawaiian time we woke up at 2:30am, and if you can believe no one napped on the plane (except for me) and we managed to keep Greta up til 5pm and the boys up til 7:30pm. The boys(Carl and Aaron made a Costco and grocery store run, plus they found an amazing Whole Foods-like market) and they prepared fresh salmon and chicken with a greek salad. We all were in bed fairly early knowing that in the morning we would be up with the sun until the time change worked itself out.

I will try and pare down the photos to the minimum because internet, I took way too many photos. Which is totally NOT like me. I came home and loaded 1100 pictures. That’s over ONE THOUSAND. I do not take photos just to take photos. I take photos for a reason or to document something or to later look back and remember the beauty. So you better believe there was a whole lot of that going on.