home away from home

Before we left for Kauai I had to have my Jane fix so the kids and I drove down to Laguna for the day. We often refer to each other’s homes as still “home”. So this is our home away from home. Whenever the kids look out the windows of the car as we enter her neighborhood they start to lament that we live too far and we should live closeby. Agreed. They also are convinced that Jane’s house is twice the size of ours and why can’t we move in there. True story.

I forgot my real camera this day, so I just snapped some iphone pics. I assure you if we did indeed live there we would be at this community water park every. single. day. We spent the morning there, had lunch, and then spent the afternoon at the pool. On the corner of their street! Suburbia, how I love you sometimes. Thanks Jane and Alissa, we miss you already!