what’s for dinner?

This last weekend we haven’t been the most healthful people, in fact I can’t tell you the last time we have eaten so much. It seems that we easily put aside our common sense when given the opportunity to splurge when we have a good excuse like houseguests visiting. I can’t even tell you the last time I cooked with butter, but I assure you I consumed more butter this weekend than in the last month. I also found items like whole milk in the fridge, and that’s not even mentioning the caramel rolls. So in other words, we really need to get back on a healthy bandwagon. Aaron has been doing great with his cholesterol, but I fear that sliding backwards with indulgent weeks like the one we had.

A few weeks ago we decided to have a few vegetarian meals/dinners just to give our bodies a break from the meat, along with the environment that raises, slaughters, and then ships that meat. This week our vegetarian meals were Tuesday and Wednesday night. I sauteed in a little garlic and olive oil veggies we had in the fridge that included kale, bok choy, spinach, carrots, radishes, and celery and then layered it over some noodles that had been splashed in a tamari/sesame oil blend. It was light, delicious, and filling.

For our second veggie night Aaron slow cooked (yes, we were given a new-to-me crockpot, thanks to my mom, since the stitches incident) some lentils and vegetables in a chicken broth (so not 100% meat free, but broth shouldn’t really count right?) and then I served it with fresh clementines and snap peas along with warm biscuits. The lentil soup is one of Sawyer’s favorites and it is hearty, let me tell you. So filling, but in a not gross way,but more of a healthy, that was really tasty way.

I have a feeling this will allow us to try new things and recipes, and maybe even search in our pantry and fridge a little more to clear out the excess. Will you join us in a few vegetarian nights each week? I would love to hear some of your dishes to help inspire me.