late night snack

I’m a late night snacker. I know as I’m approaching 31 years that I really should try and curb this habit, but I don’t know if I can.  1-2 nights a week I work until 10pm and I come in the house starving. Most nights Aaron is up and fixes me a delicious spread of humus and crackers, fresh tomatoes and basil, you name it. But this particular Tuesday night I had to work particularly late and when I came in he was already asleep. So I fixed myself a little snack.

What was it? This delightful photo is of fresh brewed Bedtime hot tea from Trader Joe’s which I have nightly, and freshly baked warm bread with sunflower seed butter as the spread. Delish! And the airplane spoon? Yeah, sometimes that’s the only clean spoon around. But can’t you see why late night snacks are hard for me to give up?