things that make me smile

-intending to just lay down for a second and next thing I know, it’s 15 minutes later and I have drool down my chin

-watching my kids hit a pinata. ok, maybe getting to hit one myself

-the thought of no school drop offs and pick ups

-mid week adult lunch dates

-unexpected surprises

-giving presents

-people who act like they don’t read my blog, but we all know they do

-daydreaming about our hawaiian vacation

-getting to schedule in a weekend getaway when gilt puts a hotel for 1/2 off

-the email notification that I have an e-book ready for checkout from the library

-walking by the boys’ room and seeing it complete

-watching plants grow from seeds in the compost where I never planted a plant

-my boys’ report card

-the kids saving up all their mom bucks and then redeeming them very thoughtfully and with a lot of preparation

-a slice of 10 grain homemade bread with sunflower seed butter first thing in the morning

-a late night trip to target

wow, I guess I’ve been smiling a lot lately. :)