Yeah, food is on my mind a lot lately. What say you? I snapped these photos with my iphone quickly at dropoff one day. The kids were making their own snack kabobs. Have I mentioned I’m inlove with Greta’s preschool? Oh yeah, multiple times. Well, here’s just one more reason. About once a week when I drop her off they are making their own snack. It can be anything from Chinese Chicken Salad, to nachos. The other days it is usually the two workday parents who prepare the daily snack in the kitchen with whatever they have on hand, and then on Fridays they have what is called Special snack. One to two times a year you are assigned a “special snack”. So Fridays are well, special, because a parent brings in the food. We had both of our assignments for the year. It must include a fruit or veggie, a protein, and a carb. Total L.A., no? Carb, protein. :) The first time we did special snack I was so stressed. I’ve never prepared snack for 25 kids, Greta’s class and the class below her eat snack together, so 25 total. How much do they eat? What if they don’t like what I bring? Turns out, kids are kids. They kind of like the same stuff. The first time we made spaghetti tossed in a little olive oil and parmesan cheese and then mixed in edamame. Delish. The kids were all over it. It may sound like a strange combo but the kids loved it. Then we served fresh strawberries with it. The next time it was our turn, I froze gogurts the night before and then when we got to school I had the workday parents just cut them in half so they became little frozen yogurt push pops, we also had pirate booty and grapes.

Enough about food, I’m getting hungry. Good thing we have bread baking and my mother in law is here whipping up some of her caramel rolls.

How cute are the kabobs with the little name tags on them?