date night

of ultimate date nights. I will share more details later, but we had a blast last night. Saw a ton of celebrities and I managed not to embarrass myself at the same time. Huge feat. But I am running on empty with 4 hours of sleep followed by my preschool workday at Greta’s school followed by an afternoon at the boys’ school where I lead a basketweave lesson. Let me just say, I don’t know how to basket weave. And with 5 stitches in my hand, no other parents who showed to help (other than a rockstar mom from a different classroom who came to my rescue), it was interesting. but the kids loved it and I can officially say I’ve weaved a basket. Or more like 24. Here’s us outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. This was seconds before Jake Gylenhaal walked right behind us. See? I got details to share. Lots. But right now I have to wrap my head around the fact that I am going on Sawyer’s class field trip to a farm tomorrow. Will be there all day, riding the school bus there and back. Did I mention it’s with 79 first graders. Yeah, see, you want to be me now. Forget the movie premieres, this is where it’s at. ;)