checking off

I have to admit, writing down the to dos last week definitely help motivate me. It also helped that I was bored as Aaron worked 65 hours. I accomplished the frame change out in Greta’s room and successfully loaded all videotapes onto discs. Aaron completed Sawyer’s bed and the raised garden beds are covered in chicken wire. Phew. Still a long way to go, but I was slowed down pretty dramatically on Monday... I got 5 stitches. I was washing my crock pot and was drying it when it slipped and broke on the counter, and a piece gouged my palm. It was one of those moments where I couldn’t look since I knew it was deep, grabbed a paper towel for pressure and used my pinky finger of the other hand to call for reinforcements, aka Aaron.

Here’s how it looks today since I can take the bandage off. Not sure if that’s a good idea since I resemble Frankenstein.


I have to say the UCLA ER dept rocks. I walked in with a bloody paper towel pressing down on the wound to stop the blood. The registration guy didn’t see that part and asked me to fill out some paperwork. I was like, alright. Fortunately as I was turning to Aaron to ask him to fill it out, the nurse saw me and said, I think we will fast track you. We zoomed into a room, doctor came in and started stitching me up. The worst part by far had to have been the numbing shots. I figured they would start on the outside and once that got numb work their way closer to the wound. Nope. They stabbed me right INSIDE the cut. Like 8 times. The nurse and doctor kept asking me if I was going to faint or if I could handle the blood. Aaron was very kind and said, nah, she’s fine. You should’ve seen her give birth! This is nothing! Once it was numbed up it wasn’t so bad. We were literally in and out in under an hour. In fact they came with my registration bracelet as we were exiting. Major props to UCLA. It’s throbbing a bit, but not terrible. Not as sore as my poor arm though. They had to give me a tetanus shot and my arm is killing me. I will always show sympathy to my kids after they get their shots. Not fun.

So now I can take my frankenstein hand and go on a very exciting evening planned. Aaron and I are heading to the Green Lantern premiere tonight in Hollywood. We are starting at the Roosevelt Hotel, which I have never been to and then heading over to the Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the movie, and then I’m not sure where the after party is, but the plan is to do that afterwards. Fun fun fun. Cross your fingers Ryan shows much concern for my wound. ;) just kidding babe!