My Garden Update

I don’t post often about the garden, but I assure you, it’s well cared for. I am currently having a battle with my neighbors cat over digging rights. Other than that, it’s doing really really well. I’ll take you on a little photo tour of what it looks like at the moment. I thought I had photographed the raised beds, but apparently it was in my dream. So here are all the plants other than in the gardening beds. Our one bed that was full of spinach is now totally different. The spinach flowered and I hope they were reseed themselves, but in the meantime the entire bed now is covered in plants that came from my compost soil. Seeds that were in the compost have turned into plants. The bed is covered in cucumbers, tomatoes, and some other yet to be determined plants. It’s amazing to see tomato plants flowering where I didn’t plant tomatoes. And I have never bought a cucumber seed/plant, but I have two blooming at the moment. I’ll have to take those photos soon to share.

Here’s a new Meyer Lemon Dwarf tree that I recently added to the backyard. The buds on it are amazing, and I cannot wait to enjoy the lemons in our nightly tea.

Remember my little tiny tomato plants? Well, they aren’t small anymore! This is a current photo of the tomatoes and I don’t think they have slowed down, we did lose one tomato plant to a virus of some kind, but thankfully it hasn’t affected the others. I’m going to have to put a wire up around the boys window to give it somewhere to grow. The lemon balm, geraniums and marigolds are doing phenomenally well at keeping aphids and other pests away. Haven’t seen a single one yet. Our purchase of lady bugs every few months have helped too.

The onions and chives are doing amazing. I can’t use all the chives we have and I cannot wait til my onions are ready for harvesting.

I’m quite proud of these scallions because they were planted from seeds.

I really really really wanted a succulent planter but all the fancy schmancy professional done ones were expensive so I tried my hand at planting it by myself. Success!

You want another angle of it right?

These baby carrots also were planted from seeds, I have yet to be a successful carrot gardener, so this may be a first.

And my pride and joy, the tomatoes. Here are some cherry tomatoes.

And an heirloom. Can. Not. Wait.