New Lunch Boxes

I have been meaning to blog about this ever since we received them in the mail, but alas, here we are 2 weeks later. But that’s how it goes around here, always catching up I guess. Normally I wouldn’t purchase new lunch boxes 4 weeks before the end of the school year, but I couldn’t wait. We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and the damage to the environment, and this is one way we have done so. With 3 kids, we pack and use a lot of ziplock baggies and brown bags. I considered a ton of alternatives. Bento boxes, reusable snack bags, washable lunch boxes, metal lunch containers, I have looked into a ton of options. And finally, after a lot of research I took the plunge with Goodbyn. Lunch containers are not cheap so I took my time deciding, but Goodbyn had all the things that I was looking for. I really preferred plastic over metal but wanted the lunch box sturdy and not squishable, I mean who wants a smashed sandwich for lunch? I also wanted the plastic safe. I really wanted a spot for water within the lunch box. And I wanted them to look cool and be able to differentiate each kids’ lunch and snack from each other. Dishwasher safe was also a plus, but it wasn’t a requirement. If you can believe I found ALL of my wishes in this product. Plus it comes with awesome stickers to decorate with. The kids had a ball personalizing their containers.

And by the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. I ordered 2 snack boxes(pink for Greta, orange for Soso, Gunnar prefers no snack) and 3 lunch byntos (purple for Greta, green for Soso, and slate for Gunnar). 2 weeks in, and we are total converts. We haven’t had to pack a single ziplock, nothing is smashed, and there is room for everything. Not to mention each snack and lunch comes with it’s own container for water so I know my kiddies are staying hydrated at recess and lunch. They are fairly easy to secure/close once I explained to the kids that they had to push down in a couple spots. That was it. We are a happy Goodbyn family now. I found a coupon online for 15 or 20% off which helped with the sticker shock of ordering 5 containers, but when I think about it, I spend $10-15 per lunch box every school year anyways, and not to mention the load of cash we spend on ziplocks all through the year. So I didn’t feel guilty about the $25 price tag plus we had a coupon too.

Here’s a look at the lunch size

And the snack size