House Project- Outdoor Bistro Table

I have been searching for probably the last 9-12 months for an outdoor bistro table and chairs. It hasn’t been high on the priority list but I always keep my eyes open at flea markets, garage sales, on craigslist, etc. I really wanted something old that I could refinish or repaint. Finally I hit the Craigslist jackpot. And Aaron made a detour one Sunday night to Silverlake to pickup this sad state of a table for $30. The previous owners had attempted to paint it but never did the job quite right or even tried to finish it. Their loss was my gain.

The color yellow made me think that I would like to keep it that way as opposed to the white or black I had envisioned so I decided to give it a try. But a proper try. So I sanded it with some sand paper and then spray painted white primer on it. I used Rustoleum for the primer and the yellow spray paint as well. I wanted to make sure it would withstand rain and sun and outdoors so that I didn’t have to worry about rusting. So a full primer coat was needed. And a heavy coat of yellow spray paint after.

And here she is. Why do I always call my finished projects “she”? Just seems right. I love her.

I’m obsessed with the Tolix chairs that I’ve seen all over the place. But they are a pretty penny. Pretty? Yes. But expensivo? Yes. So I was so excited to score these lookalikes on Overstock, and when I purchased mine it was two for $75, so they raised their price a little. But still worth it in my opinion. I am still deciding what color I will paint them. I am worried about rust, so I’d like to sand, prime and spray paint them as well. I’m thinking a darker red to match the trim of the windows and doors in the backyard.

It may seem like I get a lot of house projects done, but I assure you. I don’t. I feel like my list of home projects grows faster than I can cross the accomplished ones off. For instance, Sawyer’s mattress is still sitting on the floor. Aaron is one day’s work away from completing it. But who has a day?! Surely not Aaron. Poor guy is in the midst of one of his busy weeks at work. They happen a few times of year. But they are never easy to get used to. This week he’s been working nightly til 10 or midnight. One night didn’t actually get home til 3:30 in the morning. And the one free night he had this week, I had to work since I was on parent duty the other nights. But we are almost there. Saturday at 2pm can’t come soon enough!

Maybe if I document my list of to dos on here it will motivate me to get to some of them done:

-complete the boys’ room. beds. wall decals.

-finish wiring the garden with chicken wire and wire for our tomato vines to make use of.

-change out one of Greta’s artwork frames with new schoolwork.

-finish loading the last 4 months of video onto the computer and transfer to disc to store in safe deposit box.

-catch up on my Blurb book which is MONTHS behind.

-sand and paint outdoor stools for bistro table.

-plant more potted plants/trees in backyard.

-work on vertical pallet planter that Aaron scored at work.

-keep searching for new dresser for the boys room, it’s been 6 months of searching and ebay bidding, still no luck in my price range.

-finish 3 tier art/craft tray for kids that I started but can’t finish til I find the 3rd tier.