sick house be gone

Greta missed two days of school last week. Gunnar missed school yesterday, and I am recovering from a crazy 24 hour flu. Not fun. I’m finally alive again and feel about 75% back to normal. The kids have endured some bad colds with pinkeye to top it off. Not the crazy pinkeye but the pinkeye that sometimes accompanies your cold and decides that it needs to come out of one more orifice. Sawyer, he’s my toughest kid when it comes to sickness. He will get a cold but blaze right on through like he’s fine. Rarely does he miss a day of school, rarely gets a fever, rarely anything other than sniffles. So I’m happy to say he had the cold first, and it stayed just that, a cold.

As I try to deal with the fact that I woke up to 126 emails this morning, and missed tagging along to Gunnar’s field trip to the Autry Museum, and missed being there for Greta’s Petting Zoo day at school, I’ll wish you all healthy days. I am hoping this means our summer sickness bout is done and over with and we can get on with end of the school year festivities.