Thanks for the anniversary love, texts, fb posts, emails, cards. It was lovely (minus the cold I was nursing Friday and Gunnar’s doctor appointments Friday AND Saturday). I sure do love anniversaries. I have mentioned in the past how much anniversaries mean to us since we don’t celebrate holidays, and this is our opportunity to get creative and make ones we love feel special. It’s our one time a year where we can go all out. I mean, I really try to reign Aaron in, but it’s hard. He can be extravagant when it comes to me. Often years I shake my head and say No Way, that’s just too much. I already shared about our bread machine from my parents. Then my sister and brother in law got us something that has been on our wishlist for a very long time. I have said before that we drink a lot of tea. As in every night. We use this now every day and absolutely LOVE it! It has different temperature settings depending on what type of tea you are brewing, green, white, black, etc.

Then Jane and David got us another item we have been wanting too, a beverage dispenser, one of those large party style ones that I can’t find the picture of, but trust me, it will be at every future party we have. It’s glass and has the cutest spout on it.

This week we received another surprise in the mail from Aaron’s parents. Remember I posted about this a few months ago? Well this came a few days ago and I am anxiously anticipating my first batch of yogurt.

For Aaron, he really wanted something in particular, so that was not a surprise and it will take a few weeks before it comes. He wanted his reference Bible with all of his notes and translation points in the margins that he has made through the years to be leather bound. But in the meantime I couldn’t be empty handed the day of so I put together a little bit of everything for him to enjoy.

He received a Jamba Juice giftcard since he is a frequent visitor there, an AmEx giftcard so he can pick something out himself, and then I bought him various items from Urban Outfitters that included a cool gray skinny tie, a striped sweater and a neat cardigan. I also ordered this pair of Tom’s for him.

I won’t even go into details for my presents, but he outdid himself. There was a treasure hunt when I got home from Greta’s ballet class which started with a post it on the computer asking me if I had eaten lunch yet, which I hadn’t. From there it told me to go to the fridge where my favorite take out lunch was waiting, shrimp ceviche. Then that bag had a note attached which sent me to the closet, more goodies, then to a spot under my pillow, more goodies and finally a note telling me to carefully look at my bookshelf. There he surprised me with a Nook and Kate Spade leather cover for it. Seriously, one day I will beat that guy with thoughtful presents. He had every base covered, from food and chocolates, flowers, clothes, camera, electronic gadgets, and ultimately jewelry.

He did very good this year and now I must begin preparations for next year where I can outdo him once and for all. ;)