11 years

scanned polaroid from 2009

Today marks our 11 year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it, eleven. That’s huge. Although my memory is not so good, I still remember vividly the details of our wedding day. I’m just having a hard time believing it was so long ago. I absolutely understand now that as we get older time goes faster. Each year comes quicker than the last. We often wish we had more hours in the day, and I can also add to that,  I wish we had more days in the year, just to prolong this time.

Here are 11 things that I love about you, our marriage and being your wife for the last 11 years,

1. As well as we know each other, better than anyone else, there are still new things I learn about you. It isn’t often, but when these little tidbits appear I love it. It tells me that there are still new things to get to know about each other.

2. You are my greatest fan. My biggest supporter. Not to say you don’t tell me how it is on occasion. And I appreciate that part of you as well. Your honesty when it comes to me is real. I would never want you to look at me through rose colored glasses or not see me for who I am, flaws and all. I think this is something not as common as it should be among married couples, and I love you for it. Both for the support part and the honesty part.

3. You love my bread. As I wrote this I paused for about a minute to make sure that it can’t be construed as dirty somehow, I really don’t think bread is a euphemism for anything, so I hope I am safe here. You really do love whenever I have bread baking. The other night you told me that they should make a perfume that smells like fresh bread. :)

4. One of the best things about being married to you is how easily and beautifully you have been enveloped in my family. You get that family is important to me, to give my kids not just “us” but an extended family that is close and tight and intertwined in their everyday lives. I love that you love that our kids ask every Monday night, where’s family dinner at tonight? You don’t mind that our kids ask every vacation or every dinner out, whose coming? They expect it to always include 9 people, now 10 thanks to their new cousin. I love that you accept and expect that any talk of moving or relocating includes a complete move of our family unit. That when I say family you know that means 10 people.

5. You balance me. As much as I would like to put our kids in a bubble and be the helicopter mom, you hold me back from that and see that it wouldn’t be beneficial for our kids. You help me learn to let them be independent and figure things out for themselves. You help me understand that I am doing them a favor for years to come and giving them confidence that they are capable of making good decisions and solving problems themselves. You love that I am involved in their everyday lives at school, but you help me see that they are learning skills right now that will help them be well adjusted and balanced teenagers and adults. You help me see that if everything in their life is fair and just right now that it only will lead to a greater disappointment in the future for them.

6. You still make my lattes the best. Hands down. The. Best.

7. You love to surprise me. It cracks me up that you get a thrill whenever you can do something unexpected. I’m not so good with surprises, I usually figure them out and then you get irritated. But on a occasion you get me, like when you start a bath at night, I walk up the stairs and discover a dimly lit bathroom with candles, spa music playing, an ice cold glass of water on the tub ledge next to my book and my robe and pajamas laid out. You love nothing better than to surprise me.

8. I can come to you with a problem and am certain I will get an unemotional, balanced, level headed discussion. You don’t work me up into a frenzy or get me more emotional about something, but you are clear in your thinking and that’s what I need.

9. When we watch TV at night you massage my feet. And if you aren’t a fan of a show I am watching you will still sit there with me because sitting next to me on the couch is more important than what is playing on TV.

10. This past year you decided to take your health to another level. You exercise regularly, you cut out all alcohol, and you eat healthier. You know that being around for a very long time for me and our children is most important. More important than enjoying dessert, a martini, or sleeping in. We both have made a commitment to be here for a long long time which is something our children deserve. I love that your self control has been tested and you are committed.

11. You still have the skillz to make me laugh. out. loud.

Love you babe, Happy Anniversary!

scanned polaroid taken at last year’s anniversary bowling shindig.