Pinterest & Rugs

If anyone needs some eye candy inspiration of ANY kind, I highly suggest checking out Pinterest. I get sucked in to that place and could browse for hours. No seriously, take a look. A-mazing. For instance, look at this idea of a dresser used as a kitchen island.

Or this amazing garden inspiration.

Or the most beautiful not your typical bouquet I think I’ve ever seen.

Or these pancake appetizers for a brunch. Genius.

See what I mean? I told you. EYE CANDY. I’m still waiting for an invitation to join. It’s impossible and I’ve heard could take weeks or months. But as soon as I get one I will start pinning inspiration from all over the blogosphere so I can have one place to keep all my projects and ideas and lovelies.

That’s where I ended up clicking and checking out the awesome rugs that Urban Outfitters sells online. I quickly picked up this one which now resides in our master bath in between our two sinks. It’s awesome, and so reasonable.

And my very bare living room floor has been that way since December. My Anthropologie rug did not survive a blueberry smoothie incident and a little boy named Sawyer. I was glad it wasn’t an expensive rug, but it definitely reinforced the idea that our living room rugs shall be easily replaceable and on the cheap side.

So for now this lovely rug is quite happy in our space. Ours is gray however, not black. It also comes in a pretty blue, but blue doesn’t work in our space at the moment.